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Helping Couples Through Alternative Divorce Resolution

A divorce is a highly emotional and stressful experience for families to go through. Litigation can often escalate the conflict between the spouses, which can be difficult for the children to witness. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an option for families who want to minimize conflict. ADR is beneficial for parents and couples because it allows them to choose the outcome, instead of having the outcome decided for them.

At Lana Panagoulia Law, PLLC, we provide ADR services such as collaborative law and mediation to help couples resolve their differences using a less adversarial approach. We serve individuals and families all over Michigan. For an attorney experienced in the collaborative divorce approach, contact our Ann Arbor law firm at 734-769-LANA.

A More Collaborative, Less Stressful End To Disputes

Our firm helps clients resolve their problems with ADR, such as mediation and collaborative law. Couples may choose ADR to resolve their disputes because it is a child-centered and kid-friendly approach to divorce. Parents and couples can handle their divorce using the following methods:


In a divorce or child custody mediation case, a mediator works with both spouses to resolve the necessary issues. The mediator does not represent either client, but rather, serves as a neutral third party. The mediator will help spouses identify common goals to draft into a mediation agreement that both can support. The mediator will prepare the agreement once the couple has resolved their issues.

Mediation benefits families and individuals by expanding options. Mediation provides a forum for spouses to brainstorm ideas to resolve their issues. These solutions may have never arisen in an adversarial setting. In addition to creative options, couples benefit from having a mediator evaluate their ideas. A mediator can explain how an idea may play out in the future, which allows spouses to tailor their agreement to meet their joint and individual needs.

Attorney Lana Panagoulia has handled many family law situations through mediation. She recognizes the benefits of exploring different options and assessing their outcomes. She guides spouses through the mediation process, so that they may reach an agreement that will have minimal traumatic impact on the children.

Collaborative Law

In collaborative law, both spouses and their attorneys sign an agreement stating that the case will not go to litigation. The spouses and their attorneys work through the issues together until no dispute remains. The collaborative process may involve the services of other professionals. The lawyers are responsible for coordinating their work with other professionals who handle emotional, financial and other issues related to divorce. This collaborative approach to counseling sheds light on the spouses about the impact divorce has on the family unit. The spouses benefit from being aware of the issues because it aids them in developing an agreement with few consequences.

Spouses also have the benefit of privacy in the collaborative law approach. In litigation, a divorce is a matter of public record. Privacy allows spouses to be completely open and honest, without fear of their words being used against them in court.

At Lana Panagoulia Law, PLLC, we help clients resolve their conflicts in a healthier manner through collaborative law. We will assemble a team of professionals to best serve our clients’ needs.

Contact Our Firm

To learn about the services we offer in alternative dispute resolution, contact our law firm to talk to an Ann Arbor collaborative divorce lawyer at 734-769-LANA.

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