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Protecting Your Property Interests From The Start

Prenuptial and postnuptial, also referred to as antenuptial, agreements can be very effective tools in protecting the property rights of both spouses in the event that the marriage should come to an end. A well-written, properly executed agreement can save the spouses’ time and money during a divorce proceeding by taking this simple step to protect their interests upfront.

Our Michigan prenuptial agreement lawyer at Lana Panagoulia Law, PLLC, has helped countless Michigan clients with the preparation, enforcement, and litigation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements involving marital estates of all sizes. We seek to develop agreements that are as ironclad as possible and leave no room for interpretation by opposing parties.

“Lana Panagoulia is a wise and knowledgeable lawyer. She often demonstrated a very helpful capacity to calm and sagely advise all parties. She has a detailed knowledge of the local judicial system and was quite informative about the entire process.” — Anonymous client on Avvo’s

Know Your Rights Regarding Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can be invaluable in the formation of divorce orders. By having a signed agreement before the marriage, the court has irrefutable proof that both spouses agreed to certain property provisions prior to the marriage. If there is a dispute over the contents of an agreement, we present the strongest possible argument to resolve the matter in your favor.

There are some cases, however, where prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can be challenged and defeated. If one spouse was forced to sign the agreement by the other or if there was not full disclosure in the agreement, it can be declared unenforceable by the court. In addition, if the circumstances have changed to the extent that it would be unfair if it were enforced under its current terms, it could also result in the agreement being unenforceable.

Whether you need to draft a new agreement, have an agreement from your fiancé’s attorney that needs to be reviewed or you need help resolving a dispute over a signed agreement, attorney Panagoulia provides the legal representation you need to ensure that your interests are protected.

Contact Our Michigan Postnuptial Agreement Lawyer

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with our Michigan prenuptial and antenuptial agreement attorney. You can reach our office at 734-769-LANA or via email.

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