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A Safe Space For Members Of The LGBTQ+ Community

At Lana Panagoulia Law, PLLC, Attorney Panagoulia has always been proud to represent members of the LGBTQ+ community and resolve their family law disputes. In recent years, the rights of LGBTQ+ couples and parents have changed drastically. Since the landmark Supreme Court case in 2015, states must recognize same-sex marriage. Even today, laws continue to change and affect LGBTQ+ couples. With continuous developments in the law, hiring a lawyer who stays up to date on every change and knows your rights is crucial. If you need legal assistance, please call the firm today for a consultation.

Custody Rights As A Nonbiological Parent

Custody decisions depend on your legal recognition as a parent. You may be legally recognized as the parent of a child if:

  • You and your partner were married, in a civil union or registered as domestic partners at the time the child was born
  • The nonbiological parent legally adopted the child as a stepparent
  • You and your partner jointly adopted

In some cases, nonbiological parents may able to work with the child’s biological parent to create a parenting agreement. No matter the situation, our lawyer will fight for your right to parent your child.

Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt A Child?

Yes. As of 2019, Michigan no longer funds adoption agencies that prohibit LGBTQ+ members from adopting due to religious objections. Same-sex individuals can also petition for stepparent adoption. Whether you are working with a state or private adoption agency, we can help you through the process to secure your parental rights.

Property Division In Same-Sex Marriages

If you and your partner took on debt or property prior to the marriage, you may have a few hurdles to overcome. The court may not recognize the debts and property as marital assets since you were not legally married then. For assets and debts that were acquired during marriage, property division is the same as it is for couples of the opposite sex. At a consultation, we can explain the law as it pertains to your individual case.

Learn More About Your Rights As A Same-Sex Spouse And Parent

Attorney Panagoulia never passes judgment on her clients. We will make you feel welcomed, comfortable, respected and listened to. Our office is a safe space for you to bring your concerns. Contact Lana Panagoulia Law, PLLC, by calling 734-769-LANA or requesting a consult online.

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